Duggar Family Gets Raked Over the Coals for Facebook Post About Josh

What were they thinking? The Duggars posted Josh's favorite Bible verse on Facebook, causing some fans to raise eyebrows. The family has famously stood by Josh's side after his multiple sex scandals and subsequent seven-month stay in a faith-based rehab facility.


We know the Duggars are big on their faith, and have been earnestly praying for Josh, but maybe they should have thought twice before sharing Josh's favorite passage of scripture like it was NBD.

Last May, it was revealed that Josh had molested four of his sisters plus an underage babysitter as a young teen. While he let his family defend his actions, he was cheating on his pregnant wife Anna. We haven't heard from Josh himself since his confession last August after being caught in the Ashley Madison hack.

Some of the comments were encouraging, but more than a few had serious issue with the Duggars' choosing to share this. One person wrote, "Is that what he told his wife and all the girls he molested? 'Be strong, God is with you, while I break other tenants of our faith.'"

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Another commented, "My favorite verse is I shall not molest my sisters or have affairs while judging others for their mistakes and then only ask for forgiveness instead of punishment."

It just seems like a particularly weird verse to share as Josh's favorite in light of what he did to his family. There are lots of verses about humility -- maybe he could have chosen one of those.


Image via TLC

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