Bobby Brown Never Did Drugs Around Bobbi Kristina -- but Kids Tend to Know All

Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, and Bobbi Kristina

As fans, we tend to feel that we've somehow got the inside edition on some of our favorite couples -- and it was no different during the decade-plus-long reign of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Many of us had villainized Bobby (maybe even wrongfully) for the tragic ending to the life that was Whitney Houston's, far before she had ever left this earth. We'd all been so certain that he was the influence who'd introduced our darling Whitney to drugs and ultimately her demise. However, Brown recently set the record straight in a special edition of 20/20 ahead of his upcoming memoir, Every Little Step, and while he's not particularly quick to blame himself for Whitney, he sings quite a different tune when speaking of their daughter Bobbi Kristina. 


After much time to reflect on his 22-year-old daughter's heartbreaking and untimely July 2015 death, Brown was able to speak with an open, honest heart when he told ABC, "We should have been better. We could have been better."

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Rewind 23 years. In the pages of his memoir, he recalls the couple's wedding day, which took place the year prior to Bobbi Kristina's March 1993 birth. It was the day he saw his beloved wife (our beloved Whitney) use hard drugs for the first time. He found her "hunched over a bureau, snorting a line of coke" before the ceremony and declined her invitation to join. Later he would say that "she did drugs but drugs didn't do her."

While he wasn't quick to partake then, in the ABC interview he acknowledges his role in their drug use as a couple and the escalation of Houston's drug habit, admitting that they'd lock themselves into a wing of their home and binge on cocaine -- while the nanny looked after their daughter.

Brown claimed, "I always made a point to not let her see me or my wife in that type of situation, in that type of feeling .... It's hard when, you know, you're doing it every day."

And while we're sure Brown's intention were just that -- sadly, Bobbi Kristina still ultimately remained the product of a rocky, unstable upbringing.

While there's certainly no doubt in my mind that her childhood was filled with tons of love, considering everything, it must be accounted for that nothing truly goes unseen or unheard by children.

Parent or not, there's one thing that we know, and it's this: Kids see everything.

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Then consider how public their lives were -- especially during their brief stint of reality TV with their Bravo show, Being Bobby Brown -- and there was little to no escaping this world for their child.

Brown admitted to abusing heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and additionally alcohol -- ultimately some of the same drugs that their daughter went on to struggle with in adulthood. 

Unfortunately, we'll never truly know the depth of what she was able to comprehend throughout her childhood, but everything in me is certain that as much as her father would like to believe that he was somehow capable of hiding his and his late ex-wife's affliction, it was on their late daughter's radar -- even when she seemed too young to have any great comprehension of the situation. 

Nonetheless, knowing this now certainly won't save Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi eerily died a death very similar to that of her mother, who'd passed just four years prior. 

And while Bobby Brown feels they "failed" his daughter, he has been given a new lease on life, which, if there's one thing this story has taught us, is never guaranteed. He has another shot at fatherhood -- to do right by this child and himself. That said, we truly wish him the best in his path of sobriety and healing. 


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