Caitlyn Jenner Is Reportedly Making Plans to Expand Her Family

caitlyn jenner

She wants more kids? Caitlyn Jenner has six children already -- plus, four stepkids -- but according to a new report, she wants another. Radar Online is reporting that Caitlyn has started hunting for a surrogate to carry a baby for her, and, as the story goes, her children are all behind the idea. 


An insider claims that Cait "desperately" wants another baby and plans on being as involved as possible with the pregnancy "from day one." The source goes on to say that Caitlyn is "suffering from the empty nest syndrome and really wants to experience parenting from a mother’s perspective." Also, Cait's mother isn't well, and she would very much like it if her mom could meet her seventh grandchild. 

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While it's no secret that Caitlyn loves being around her children and feels lonely all the way out in Malibu from time to time, it's hard to believe that she wants to have another child right now at 66 years old -- especially when she has so many already. Sure, it would be amazing for her to experience a baby through a mother's perspective, but she has so many great things going on in her life. It's difficult to understand how or why she would feel she needs another baby at this point. Also, not sure if she remembers, but babies come with a lot of responsibility and can kinda cramp your style every now and then. 

With all the traveling she's been doing, getting her amazing message out to transgender community and beyond, it might not be the best time for a newborn in her life, but hey -- to each their own. It would be pretty surprising to learn that Caitlyn really did go through with baby number 7, but as we all know with the Kardashian-Jenner family, anything's possible. 


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