Kate Middleton Accused of Bossing Around Her Domestic Help

Kate Middelton bossing around the helpIt's hard to imagine this princess being anything other than pleasant, but one report speculates that Kate Middleton is bossing around the servants at Anmer Hall. If that's the case, there may be an obvious reason for it.


According to a recent Vanity Fair article, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are determined to provide Prince George and Princess Charlotte with as normal a childhood as possible. Apparently, that means they won't be employing a Downton Abbey–like staff who will tend to their every need.

So, with just a few "helpers," including a housekeeper and nanny, caring for the 10-bedroom Norfolk estate, it might make sense that Kate needs to keep a close eye on things. Plus, she's got two little ones, a dog, and a hamster, as any mom knows, things can get out of control pretty quickly with that combo!

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While she reportedly does the cooking herself, Kate has been known to send her bodyguards out to do the grocery shopping. Wow, that sounds good to me. Plus, if Kate were going to the store, chances are they'd be going with her anyway. Why not have them just run in to grab a few items? As long as they don't object and they're getting paid, it's probably easier than guarding the princess anyway, right, so where's the harm?

Since she's a hands-on mom who also attends plenty of royal engagements, we imagine Kate's hands are pretty full. If she wants to keep her household running smoothly and free of a fleet of servants, she probably has to get creative -- and organized. Until we hear staff members complaining, we're inclined to think Kate's got it under control and bears no resemblance to demanding domestic diva some may like to paint her as.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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