13 Muhammad Ali Quotes That Can Help Our Kids Grow Up to Be 'The Greatest'

Pretty much everyone knows the line "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" was essentially the indomitable Muhammad Ali's mantra. It's a quote that rises above its immediate reference to boxing technique to describe a straightforward and inspiring life philosophy. 


Ali is rightfully considered one of the more significant sports figures of the 20th century. Kids loved his swagger and quick quips. Parents loved his tenacity and dedication to sticking to his principles. His grandstanding bravado and slick way with words were both entertaining and inspiring.

When the renowned boxing champion, lovingly dubbed "The Greatest of All Time," died at 74 on June 3, he left behind a legacy of profound quotes that prove what a wise man he truly was. Share these quotes with any kid who might be looking for a hero with no superpowers other than the force of his own will -- Muhammad Ali will show them how to be "The Greatest" in whatever and whoever they want to be.


Image via Stanley Weston/Getty Images

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