Blac Chyna Doesn't Care If She Gains 100 Pounds During Her Pregnancy

Blac Chyna cinched her Kardashian family takeover last month when she announced she was pregnant with Rob Kardashian's baby, and so far, her pregnancy seems to be going not just fine, but fantastic. She told Entertainment Tonight that she swept through her first trimester without any problems from morning sickness or cravings, and now Chyna's taken to Snapchat to talk about her pregnancy weight gain.


And it's not what we expected. At all.

Most people want to gain the minimum amount to keep their babies healthy, but Chyna isn't most people. She shared a Snapchat vid of her crunching on chips and declaring that she wants to gain 100 pounds during her pregnancy -- and then shed it all off after.

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She also shared a picture of a scale (in the style of Kim's recent snaps) showing the 26 pounds she's already put on:

It sounds like a lot of weight, but Chyna said she's not eating anything out of the ordinary or intentionally limiting her food take. If she looks good and feels good and is staying healthy for her baby, who are we to judge? And if anyone can lose 100 pounds of baby weight, it's Blac Chyna -- that girl has drive and determination like we've never seen.

Hopefully, we'll hear more when we finally get to watch the docuseries they've been filming with E!, Rob & Chyna. Until then, keep the snaps coming, Chyna.


Image via Xavier Collin/Splash News

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