Prince Harry Fan Ignites Twitter With Selfie Claiming He's Her Boyfriend

When Prince Harry attended a Bruce Springsteen concert recently, he had no idea he'd end up with a girlfriend! Olivia Tallent, the daughter of the bassist for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, posted a selfie with the eligible royal, and naturally captioned it, "New boyfriend," and thus set the Internet alight with concern that Harry was officially off the market.


The legendary band performed on June 5 at London's Webley Stadium, with our favorite unattached royal in attendance. He headed backstage after the concert, you know, because he's Prince Harry and he can, and of course met with the fans. Because he's Prince Harry and basically perfect.

Tallent posted this photo to Instagram, pondering about the moniker "Princess Olivia."


A photo posted by Olivia Tallent (@oliviatallent) on

But people really went nuts when she posted the same photo to Twitter, this time claiming, "New boyfriend." Some of the comments on the social media sites ranged from "Trust me. Marry him!!!!!!" to "You'd have amazing ginger children. Just sayin.'"

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Of course, it was all in good fun for the 19-year-old University of Arizona student, even if she did end up having to clarify that she is not actually dating Kate Middleton's brother-in-law.

She returned to Twitter later to put the rumors about her exciting love life to rest.

Too bad though ... they really would have amazing ginger children.


Image via Splash News

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