Kanye West Teases Secret Gig & Mayhem Breaks Out in New York City

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Yeezus Christ! On Sunday, Kanye West managed to shut down part of New York City without so much as lifting a microphone. After the final day of the Governor's Ball -- where Kanye was set to perform -- was canceled due to severe weather, the rapper tweeted that he was going to be playing a secret show in New York instead. Over 4,000 fans wound up turning up to Kanye's venue of choice -- Webster Hall -- a place with a 1,500-person capacity. The result? Mayhem.  


The show was set to start at 2 a.m., and it was reportedly sold out by 1 a.m. After throngs of people showed up, Webster Hall tweeted out that the show would be canceled. People swarmed the street outside of the venue; they stood on cars and trash cans, and hung out of windows. It was straight madness. Check it out:

Not long after the show was canceled, cops showed up and told everyone to go home. Eventually, everyone left and Kanye was then seen driving around the East Village with Kim Kardashian. Classic ending.

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Earlier on in the day, Kim posted a photo to social media of her husband on the phone, trying to get the block closed before the show. A guy can only have so much pull, though. 

While it was a nice sentiment, it probably would have been best if Kanye didn't tweet about a secret show. Of course, what would be the point of a gig if no one showed up? But chances are -- especially since it's New York -- the rapper would have wound up garnering an audience, even with little to no warning. (Remember when he played a show in Armenia?)

He may not be the most well-liked man on the planet, but there's no denying the fact that he's talented and still has throngs of fans. After all, not just anyone can shut down NYC without doing a damn thing. 

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Image via Luis Yllanes/Splash News

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