Jill Duggar Angers Fans After Searching for Israel's Great-Grandma

Maybe she should have left the stone unturned. Jill (Duggar) Dillard recently came under fire for trying to track down her mother-in-law's birth mom, because she wanted her 1-year-old son to meet his biological great-grandmother.


The Jill and Jessa: Counting On star posted a tweet last week, asking fans to help her track down her husband Derick's biological grandmother, who gave his mom Cathy up for adoption upon her birth.

She also put out a call to action on the Duggar family's official blog, asking readers to help find Israel's great-grandma. Some people were wary of the request, however, and commented that they hoped Cathy actually wanted to find her birth mom, as it's her business.

One commenter wrote, "Does CATHY want to know more about Cathy's birth family? If so, why not before now? Why now? I hope Jill & Derick aren't turning up stones they should be leaving alone. This kind of venture can be full of pitfalls for everyone involved."

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Apparently Cathy already tracked down her birth mom ... who wanted nothing to do with her. Jill's mother-in-law shared on Twitter that if abortion had been legal when her mom was pregnant with her, she wouldn't be here.

She responded to questions from fans, and clarified that she tracked her down as an adult, but the woman who gave birth to her wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship.

Alas, it looks like a reconciliation isn't meant to be ... fans were able to discover that great-grandma Joyce passed away in 1992.

We can't blame Jill and Derick for wanting to know more of their family history ... but with matters like this, it might have been a better idea to conduct a private search.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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