Prince Harry Finds Himself in Hot Water After Showing Up to Event Underdressed

prince harry

Casual Thursday? Recently, Prince Harry was "told off" by a 91-year-old veteran for forgoing a tie while meeting with a group of veterans at Southwick House, before the anniversary of the Normandy invasion. The spare to the heir opted for a crisp white button-up shirt -- opened at the collar -- with blue suit pants and a jacket. But alas, no tie. And the vets were none too pleased.  


"Where's your bloody tie?" Ivor Anderson half-jokingly asked Prince Harry. The prince, obviously a bit caught off guard, replied, "I was told not to wear a tie and then you all turn up wearing ties, I feel underdressed."

Apparently, before meeting with the veterans, Prince Harry realized that he that he might have been a tad too casual. He reportedly asked John Phipps, the founder of the D-Day Revisited charity, "Are they all wearing ties in there? I should have worn a tie. Oh well, it's too late now."

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Well, the good news is, Harry seems to have a knack for charming anyone he comes in contact with and the ability to make any semi-awkward situation totally comfortable. It sounds like he handled the faux pas perfectly and was able carry on with what he set out to do: connect with the veterans. And what's more important than that?

Also, for what it's worth, while Harry always looks good in a smart suit, the prince's no-tie, unbuttoned-collar look is pretty damn sexy. So there's that. 

prince harry


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