Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Call It Quits & Everyone Thinks They Know Why

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up. This is it. The world is over. Their relationship may have only existed on Instagram and at award shows, but we'll be damned if we don't take this excuse to mourn its loss with bad tweets about destiny and overdue breakup albums.


The two celebrated their one-year anniversary in March, and apparently things have been going downhill from there: The Instagram support for each other has dwindled to nearly nothing in the past few weeks, and social media posts where they're actually together have slipped off even more.

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Plus, Calvin Harris didn't attend the Met Gala with Taylor, which we should have taken as a sign true love doesn't exist anymore. Which it obviously was.

Swan goals.

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(That was their first Insta together. R.I.P. love and happiness.)

So what did them in, other than their relationship only existing on the Internet in the first place? Cheating rumors started around the time Taylor danced with Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala, and sources told Hollywood Life that Calvin wasn't happy about the video that surfaced after that. Or, also according to Hollywood Life, Taylor was pushing Calvin too hard to get married.

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But if you ask E! News, the two just didn't have chemistry anymore, so it was an easy (and mutual) decision. Then again, if you ask E! News again, it was because Taylor wasn't "the kind of girl" he usually dated, and he lost interest. Then, if you ask them again, it was because Taylor was feeling let down by the progress of their relationship.

If you ask Taylor, she'll say nothing. Calvin won't either. If you ask the Internet, they'll say something lame about Taylor needing the breakup to fuel another album.

If you ask us, we'll say they'll both be JUST FINE. Calvin has his vaguely racist name and his money and Taylor has her cats and her #squad. Plus, she already did questionably dramatic things with her hair, so we're not sure what post-breakup mistakes she has left.

So long, Tayvin. You never did have a good couple name anyway.


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