18 Romantic Lyrics From '90s Love Songs That Still Make Us Swoon

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The '90s was a solid decade for love songs: From late '80s hair-band holdovers crooning ballads to sensitive mid-'90s singer-songwriters, there's plenty to swoon over. For those of us who were in our formative years during this time, our ideas of romance and true love were shaped by the sweet sounds that echoed from our stereo speakers. 


Maybe we crooned these love songs at the top of our lungs in a car with our girlfriends or awkwardly slow danced to them with some sophomore dude at the high school dance. Or maybe the innocent extent of our fantasies back in the '90s was listening to one of these songs on the perfect date with that hot guy in third period English. No matter when or where these sweet tunes came onto our airwaves, they definitely made their mark.  

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Relive those golden days with our list of the most heart-pounding lyrics from the '90s. But do heed our gentle warning -- reminiscing over these love songs may turn into the instant urge to build a playlist around them all. Get ready to swoon at the top of your lungs! 

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