New Portrait of William & Kate Shows Them Looking Sweet & Sophisticated

Despite all the pictures of the royal fam out in the wild, it's not often we get new, Kensington Palace-approved official portraits. And since George and Charlotte were born and started stealing all the attention, it's even rarer that we see fresh photos of just Will & Kate. Hopefully, that helps explain why we're so excited to see this new, official portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


The portrait doesn't look it's been officially released to the public yet, but it's been shared around Twitter after a royal photographer, Paul Ratcliffe, shared a photo of the card he got in the mail.

Ratcliffe said he sent Will and Kate an anniversary card (they celebrated five years at the end of April), and he got this sweet thank you note back:

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They're so beautiful, sometimes we just want to give up on everything. Like, UGH. Plus, the actually card part is equally sweet:

A few other similar photos have been floating around Twitter -- apparently, anyone who knows the Duke and Duchess personally got a card if they reached out on the couple's anniversary.

It's a nice gesture from both parties, and now we're thinking we should have sent something, too. Can you imagine hanging a thank you card like that from your fridge? God, we need to make more famous friends.


Image via Splash News

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