19 of Kim Kardashian's Pre-Kanye Outfits That Would Make Him Cringe

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kim kardashian
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She's a bona fide fashionista now (with multiple Vogue covers to prove it), but Kim Kardashian didn't always have a way with her wardrobe. In fact, before she got together with Kanye West -- and he subsequently took over her styling -- some of Kim's outfits could be classified as a wee bit cheesy. And no doubt Kanye would agree. Sure, styles change over time, but even some of these outfits wouldn't have been fashionable when she wore them. 

Kim's always been a drop-dead gorgeous woman, but even pretty ladies (and Kardashians) make mistakes. You can't get it right every time, Kim. Sorry! The mighty must fall eventually, but don't worry, because Kim just got right back up again and started wearing envy-inducing outfits that we just can't get enough of. 

And we know Kanye has had some influence over this. Kim is of course stylish on her own, but when you've got a husband who has his own design label, why not use him to your advantage, right? If only Kim had Kanye by her side a couple of years ago. Maybe some of these embarrassing outfits could have been avoided. 

From over-the-top head pieces to fluffy boots, here are 19 of Kim's pre-Kanye outfits that would make Yeezus cringe. 


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