Amy Schumer's Latest Defense of Her Body on Instagram Is the Most Genuine One Yet

Amy Schumer is kind of an anomaly in Hollywood in that she's a hot, young, and cool It Girl who's not a size two or below. Hollywood, who's generally not great with anything new or different, had a pretty hard time swallowing this, but we kind of figured that by now people would be over it. They're not, though, if Amy Schumer's Instagram is any indication -- she had to ward off trolls (again) for calling her fat and unhealthy (again). 


What went down sounds like a fairly typical day in the life of Amy Schumer, to be totally honest: Amy woke up in Hawaii with her cute boyfriend, threw on a cute black bathing suit, and cutely trotted off to the beach. The paps snapped a pic, Amy reposted it on her IG with a light and fun caption ("BFG"), and then the trolls entered and tore her down for being overweight, ugly, and unhealthy. And unfunny, but we guess that one is beside the point.

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Amy dealt with the nonsense like a champ. She kept the photo but changed the caption:

Since Amy came on the scene, she's been a solid spokesperson for body positivity. She wrote and starred in Trainwreck, a smart, fun, and measurably self-aware blockbuster rom com about a hot and successful girl who has a relatable-looking body, and that movie's quiet normalization of an average body type was one of the most meaningful and significant things to happen to the body-positive movement in the last few years.

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But, to be totally frank, not everything Amy's said and done in the name of body positivity has been great. We think she's gotten some stuff wrong (which is fine, by the way -- we don't expect her to be perfect), and we don't always agree with her thoughts or statements on body acceptance.

This Instagram, though, is Amy at her best and most genuine self. She says, simply, "This is how I look." That, to us, is the most true kind of acceptance you can have -- to know your body and its strengths and limitations well, and to be happy as you are. 

For as long as trolls troll and haters hate, Amy Schumer will probably respond to them in Instagram captions. But she's fighting the good fight, and if she's always as true to herself as she is here, we're happy to watch from the sidelines.


Image via Xavier Collin/Splash News

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