Kendall & Kylie Jenner May Both Have the Hots for Scott Disick

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File this one under: Ew. According to a disturbing new report, both Kendall and Kylie Jenner want to hook up with Scott Disick, despite the fact that he's their sister's baby daddy and the father of three of their nieces and nephews. Please baby Yeezus, let this not be true. Talk about low!


An insider recently told Life & Style that Kylie "doesn’t see the problem in flirting" with Scott, adding that there are "no boundaries" when it comes to their relationship. The source claims that Kendall is attracted to Scott, as well. "[Kendall's] chemistry with Scott is off the charts," revealed the source. "Kendall doesn't want to upset Kourtney, but if they weren't sisters, she would have hooked up with him by now." Ouch!

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While these claims are a little hard to wrap one's head around, Kendall and Scott were spotted holding hands in Cannes last week, and Kylie and The Lord were out partying at a Hollywood club a few weeks prior. Even if there's nothing going on, maybe all three of them should take their relationship down a few notches. Clearly Kourtney has moved on from her baby daddy, but she can't -- on any level -- enjoy seeing things like that or rumors that claim there's a love triangle happening. 

While Scott certainly doesn't have the best judgment out there, he really would have to be insane to attempt anything with any of Kourtney's sisters. And same goes for Kendall and Kylie. They could have their picks of anyone out there; are they really dumb enough to go for Scott?

Hopefully, these are all just rumors, and the holding hands and partying together are just instances of the Kardashian-Jenner family being super close with one another. But, even so, maybe real it in a bit, guys? 'Cause this is getting a little weird.


Image via Neil Warner/TGB/Splash News 
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