Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian May Have Accidentally Revealed Baby's Due Date

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They spilled more than they thought! Earlier on this week, Blac Chyna posted a photo of a sonogram on Instagram, showing off her sweet baby-to-be. Chyna intentionally cropped out any details that are normally included when you get an ultrasound, but now a doctor is speaking out, claiming she figured out Chyna's due date


Hollywood Life spoke to Dr. Sherry Ross, an OB/GYN and Women’s Health Expert, and Dr. Ross thinks that, going off of the baby's size, the baby is around 16-18 weeks old, which would make the estimated due date November 8. Dr. Ross also added, "This is definitely a picture of a fetus taken by an ultrasound machine. No one will ever know who's fetus it is unless we see a live video of the ultrasound actually being performed on that woman’s belly. Otherwise, this baby could be anyone's." In other words, if Rob and Chyna were really sneaky, they could have posted someone else's sonogram to throw people off. That's hard to believe, though. 

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Being that Rob and Chyna have been pretty open about their pregnancy thus far, it is a little strange that neither have mentioned a rough due date. Perhaps, as it gets closer, they'll let us in on a little more info; and maybe -- hopefully! -- tell us the gender. For whatever reason, Chyna seems like she's having a girl. Time will tell!

If Dr. Ross is right, Chyna and Rob will be welcoming their little one right around the holidays, which is a great time to have a baby. Thanksgiving and Christmas are so much more fun with kids. Not to mention, they'll both have their families around to love on their newborn and help out around the house. 

Congrats to the happy couple! And pro tip for Chyna: She might want to hold off on any more sonogram Instagrams if she doesn't want to reveal too much about her pregnancy. 


Image via Mr Photoman/Splash News

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