Derick Dillard's New Pic of Jill Makes It Hard for Her to Deny Pregnancy Rumors

Is she or isn't she? Everyone wants to know if Jill (Duggar) Dillard is pregnant, and her husband Derick may have just given us the answer. The missionary posted a picture of his wife on Instagram, and she definitely looks pregnant in this one!


Jill and Derick are currently ministering in El Salvador, and Derick shared this sweet snap of his wife reading to some local children. He captioned it, "One of my favorite things about family ministry is getting to work with my family!"

Um, yeah. That looks like a confirmed baby bump to us! Then again, it could be a trick of the light and a blouse-y shirt ... but with how eager fans are to confirm a second pregnancy for her, why would they choose that particular picture to share?

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A few weeks ago, Derick created quite the frenzy when he posted a picture of Israel and made a comment about his not having any siblings "yet." Jill's also remained strangely quiet on social media, and has avoided posting any pictures of her midsection.

No confirmation yet, but with photos like this, it's possible we'll meet the new baby before we even hear that she's pregnant.


Image via jillmdillard/Instagram

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