Kris Jenner Isn't Convinced Rob Kardashian Is the Father of Blac Chyna's Baby

rob kardashian

Mama's not buying it! According to a new report, Kris Jenner wants Rob Kardashian to take a paternity test in order to prove that he is, in fact, the father of Blac Chyna's baby. Apparently, Kris is finding Chyna's behavior recently "shady," and thinks that there's a good chance that she's pregnant with the child of someone she cheated on Rob with in Trinidad a few months ago. The momager evidently has even brought out photos that show the model surrounded by a gaggle of dudes there. 


A source told Hollywood Life, "Kris is freaking out that Rob is not making Blac take a paternity test and urging him to reconsider." The mom of six is worried that, after making so much progress in the last year, Rob may never be able to recover from a "betrayal on this level." Ultimately, Kris has her son's best interest at heart and just wants to do everything in her power to protect him from getting hurt. 

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Anyone who's seen this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians knows how happy Kris is that her son is on the up and up these days. But apparently Chyna's pregnancy and her trip to Trinidad coincide perfectly, so Kris -- and probably the whole family -- aren't 100 percent convinced the baby is Rob's. 

As the story goes, Rob -- not surprisingly -- isn't budging, and he refuses to take a paternity test. His loyalty is with Chyna and he's "blinded by love."

For Rob's sake, let's all hope that Blac has been completely faithful to him this whole time and that the baby is his. Rob was in a bad place before he got together with Chyna. Lord only knows what would happen to him if any of this turned out to be true. 

Rob and Chyna's relationship certainly hasn't been without its drama, so this latest gem doesn't exactly come as a surprise. And sadly, there's probably a heck of a lot more where this came from. Hang in there, Rob. We're all rooting for you. 


Image via AdMedia/Splash News

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