Paris Jackson's Tattoo Tribute to Her Dad Is the Only Michael Jackson Ink We Need

Michael Jackson touched millions -- like, actually millions -- of lives, but there's no real doubt that he touched his family's lives the most. So for all the Michael Jackson–themed tattoos we're sure are out there, we have to admit: Paris Jackson's tattoo tribute to her dad came the closest to bringing us to tears. Tattoos usually can't do this to us, guys. But this one did.


Paris chose to riff off the Dangerous cover art with her tat -- it features a gorgeous, animal-filled border framing Michael's eyes and one signature curl. She Instagrammed the whole thing with a quote from her dad and a reminder to herself to "always be proud of where you came from." (That's the part that almost made us cry, FYI.)

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Justin Lewis, the artist behind the ink, IGed the same photo of Paris's newest with a note that it still needs some shading. The art looks pretty flawless to us, but who are we to blame a guy for wanting his permanent MJ tribute to be perfect?

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Paris just turned 18, but she's already rocking a slew of other tattoos, and more than a few by Lewis himself. Actually, she celebrated her 18th birthday in the same tattoo parlor, with the same guy on her mind -- she got a small inscription that reads "Queen of My Heart" in Michael's handwriting.

TEARS, GUYS. We're telling you.


Image via Splash News

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