Bill Cosby Standing Trial Means It's Time to Say Goodbye to the Huxtables for Good

Bill Cosby arrives at his preliminary hearing at Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, PA on May 24, 2016

Growing up, I didn't have a ton of constants in my life. Between my parents divorcing when I was 5 and moving around all the time, one of my biggest go-to places for solace was The Cosby Show. Sure, it was just "entertainment," but for a young girl, it was positive and something I looked up to. And amid the slow shattering of Bill Cosby's legacy, I found it hard to completely turn away ... until now. Bill Cosby standing trial for sexual assault is the final straw for me in this never-ending nightmare.


Even though Bill Cosby has already been proven guilty in the court of public opinion, a part of me had been holding out to see if this whole thing would ever go to court. Well, now that a judge has ruled there's enough evidence to go after the 78-year-old (Cosby faces three felony charges of aggravated assault and, if convicted, is looking at 10 years in prison), I can no longer sit on the sidelines with a decision I've always (deep down) known would be inevitable ...

Parting ways with The Cosby Show.

As silly as that might sound, this show played a huge role in my life. Aside from teaching memorable lessons on life, love, and family, The Cosby Show was an iconic television program that held the number one spot for five years. It was also one of the first times I saw such a positive image of a black family that inspired me to look beyond my current situation. (I can't tell you how many friends had parents who wanted their kids to go to medical or law school after that show. It was a big deal.)

... and now, all of that went down the drain, thanks to Bill, and the unthinkable actions he may or may not have done.

I've found myself dealing with an internal struggle ever since the allegations started coming out. I, for one, have never been someone who thought the 50 plus women who spoke about what happened to them were all wrong. Yes, I had my questions, but sometimes coming forward with your truth takes time and courage -- and shouldn't come with an expiration date. And yet, I wasn't leading the pack in trying to get reruns of The Cosby Show off the air, either.

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Call me selfish or in denial all you want; I didn't want memories of this show to fade to black because of Bill's double life. If I'm being honest, I kicked a little (and screamed) when television networks slowly started to pull The Cosby Show reruns. It made me sad and angry all over again. (It wasn't the cast and crew's fault that Bill turned out to be a pervert.) As much as I understand why it wasn't a "good look" to have repeats in the lineup, I wasn't ready to say goodbye, until I absolutely had to do it.

I started thinking about the other side of the coin, the one where countless victims have their voices silenced because no one believes them.

Is a show really this important to me? I asked myself.

What message does watching it teach my kids?

As much as I tried to wait for "the evidence" to come out -- under the belief of having a fair trial -- I can't help but cringe at the thought of this man sexually assaulting so many women and getting away with it for so long. The mere fact that Bill Cosby admitted to giving alleged victims pills -- and how modeling agencies reportedly sent multiple underage models his way -- makes me so enraged.

(F**k a TV show!)

Now that Bill is to stand trial for these charges, I've reached my point of no return. Hell, I likely was already there months ago and never admitted it to myself. As hard as it will be to say goodbye to The Cosby Show, there's a bigger picture here -- one that involves women who were allegedly raped and placed in unthinkable situations.

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The time has come to stop looking for reasons an iconic show bearing Cosby's name should not fall from grace. Bill Cosby is no Heathcliff Huxtable, and doesn't deserve the honor of having any crimes he committed watered down just because we're still in love with one of America's greatest TV dads.


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