Prince Harry Recreates a Magical Memory in Honor of Princess Diana

Be still our hearts! Prince Harry rode Splash Mountain last week, and recreated a magical moment with his mom from 23 years ago. When Harry and William were still kids, they enjoyed the ride with Princess Diana, so it's no wonder that he wanted to experience it again.


The royal was in Orlando for the Invictus Games, his inspiring project to encourage war vets from around the world to keep on keeping on. He was in the sunshine state from May 8–12, and of course had to make a stop at the happiest place on earth.

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The last time Kate Middleton's BFF took a ride on the log flume at Walt Disney World was in 1993, with his mom and big brother. Just check out this cuteness! 

Of course that's Princess Di in the back, smiling her lovely smile and enjoying life, and that adorable copper-haired boy in the front left is Prince Harry! Doesn't he look like he's ready for another go?

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Indeed, Harry has always self-admittedly been a bit of a thrill-seeker. In a recent cover story for People magazine, he revealed the full extent of the ride-going that happened back when he was a kid. He confessed, "We went around Space Mountain 12 or 14 times, so much so that my policeman had to get off and vomit over the bench!"

Never change, Harry. Never change.


Images via Splash News; BOB PEARSON/Staff/Getty Images

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