Barista Confuses Helen Hunt With Jodie Foster, Adding Them to This List of #StarbucksFails

Helen Hunt Starbucks

One of the major steps in ordering coffee from any cafe, whether large or small, is telling the barista your name so that he or she can simply tag it on your drink. However, when one is churning those coffees out, trying to pause and listen for a mumbling guest's name can certainly slow down the process. But what happens when your guest isn't whispering at all? What happens when you become a tad bit overconfident? Well, before any of us (and presumably this Starbucks employee) received our morning dose of coffee, Helen Hunt tweeted out a photo of the hilarious yet embarrassing result of just that scenario. 


Apparently, Hunt was ready to volunteer her name, but the barista was certain that she recognized the movie star's face ... as Jodie Foster (which she then spelled, of course, as "Jody"). Whoops! It seems Hunt was really cool about it and -- along with the est of us -- found it more humorous than anything.

And although this poor barista had the misfortune of completely fudging the name of a celebrity, we must advise this person not to keel over in embarrassment quite yet -- you, my friend, certainly weren't the first to botch a guest's name and certainly won't be the last.

(Take it from someone who works part time as a host ... sh*t happens.)

Even Starbucks laughed off the mistake.

If you don't believe us, here are eight times other baristas totally spaced on guest names. And some are much worse than this Helen-Jodie faux pas.

Probably not the best aspiration goals -- for a name or otherwise. 

Soooo close Starbucks! #starbucksfails

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Someone has a pretty lax view of life and death, huh? 

If only this were anatomy class, then this might be right. 

His name was Clint..... #starbucksfails #tobeapartner #starbucks #omg

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Okay, this barista just felt like renaming this poor girl. 

When in doubt, descriptions are super helpful. Obvi. But, not sure if it works when it's so vaguely written. 

If you say "Carl" fast enough, it sort of makes sense. And if you throw in blenders and bustling people. No?

What happens when you assume? I don't have to tell you. 

Came back from Mexico with a wife. #Starbucksfails but challenges gender norms one latte at a time.

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See? So we're not lying when we say this is nothing out of the norm and this (embarrassment) too shall pass. But, until then, we advise the offending barista to sip some of the coffee you're serving up and try to brush up on some celebrity trivia -- that will certainly help you familiarize your eyes, bud. 


Image via Parisa / Splash News

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