Prince William & Kate Middleton's Nickname for Each Other Is ... Something

kate middleton and prince william have a nickname for one anotherPlenty of couples have nicknames for one another. Some are sweet, some are silly, and some are R-rated. It figures that Prince William and Kate Middleton have the perfect, flirty but formal nickname for each other.


While they might not hold hands in public, the royal couple wasn't shy about referring to each other as "Darling," as they strolled through the Chelsea Flower Show. The duke and duchess were overheard using the D-word as they checked out the gorgeous blossoms that included the pink and green Rossano Charlotte chrysanthemum that was named for their 1-year-old daughter.

While pointing to a display of knitted poppies, William was heard asking his wife, "Could you make one of these, darling?" Later, when asked about his favorite flower, the prince chose a Buxus, to which Kate said, "We've got that, darling."

It's nice to see that after five years of marriage the bloom isn't off the rose, so to speak! (Pun intended.)

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"Darling" is a sweet nickname and seems exactly what you'd expect from the regal duo, doesn't it? Though, honestly, it would be a lot more interesting if they were overheard referring to one another as "Honey Bun" or "Sweet Cheeks," wouldn't it?

Still, it's nice to see them enjoying each other's company.


Image via Splash News

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