Blac Chyna Shares First Ultrasound Pic of Her Baby-to-Be

blac chyna

So cute! Since announcing her pregnancy, Blac Chyna is letting everyone in on all the sweet details of her baby-to-be. Chyna's latest reveal? An ultrasound photo! On Monday, Chyna showed off an ultrasound pic of her "little nugget" on Instagram along with the sweetest message in the world for her fiancé, Rob Kardashian. 


Chyna confesses that after the birth of her son, King Cairo -- and after her split with Tyga -- she just assumed that she was going to be a single mom of one forever. Apparently, she stopped looking for love and had resigned herself to the idea of King not having any siblings, but then Rob came along and changed everything. Her message is so sweet, and clearly she's super in love and so happy to be expecting again. Check it out:

Adorable, right? Regardless of what you think of her -- or her whirlwind romance with Rob -- it's hard to deny the sweetness of this Instagram. She refers to their relationship and unborn baby as a "fairytale." Very cute. Rob must be so happy to hear this.  

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Of course, since Rob and Chyna got together -- and especially since they announced that they're expecting -- the couple has had their fair share of haters and people who are convinced that their relationship is going to implode any day now. (In fact, just look at some of the comments next to Chyna's Instagram.) While their relationship did go from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye, they definitely seem to be head-over-heels in love. So, why don't we all just hope for the best?

Chyna and Rob are obviously open books and are going to share as much as possible along the way. Hopefully, in the upcoming months -- and of course when baby arrives -- everyone will be convinced that the pair is the real deal. 

Or, you know, at least keep their comments and thoughts to themselves. Either/or. 


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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