Penelope Disick's Name for Caitlyn Jenner Took Kourtney Kardashian by Surprise

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Grandma Caitlyn! On Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian revealed that her daughter Penelope has started calling Caitlyn Jenner "Grandma." Unprompted! Apparently, Kourt was reading her adorable tot a book where there was a woman with long hair and a long white dress and Penelope said, "That looks like my grandma!"


Confused, Kourtney asked her daughter who she was talking about. "I was like, 'Which Grandma? Bonnie?'" Kourtney said to Kim as she was telling the story. "She was like, 'No.' I was like, 'Lovie? GG?' And she was like, 'No. My grandma that came with us to see Zootopia. Caitlyn.'" So cute! And so perceptive. 

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On a few occasions, the Kardashians have revealed that Mason has had a bit of a difficult time with Caitlyn's transition. Apparently, Kourtney's eldest was "distant" to Caitlyn at first, and Caitlyn completely understood. So, it's interesting -- and so sweet -- how 3-year-old Penelope just went with things without asking any questions. She even considered Caitlyn "Grandma" before her mother did. 

Kourtney is obviously completely fine with her kids referring to Caitlyn as "Grandma," but she confessed to Kim that, being that they all refer to her as "Dad" -- with Caitlyn's blessing -- she "didn't even think of Caitlyn as a Grandma." Look at that! Kourtney is learning from her toddler daughter. 

From the sound of things, Mason is getting more used to Caitlyn's transition, and the younger kids, like Penelope, North, and obviously Reign, are all fine with everything. In fact, they don't really know anything different. It's sweet that they're so innocent and nonjudgmental right now. And it must make Grandma Caitlyn feel so good to be so openly accepted by her grandkids. Awesome. 

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