19 Times Prince Harry Dressed Down & Got Our Pulses Racing

Amy Goldman | May 26, 2016 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

Prince Harry
Splash News

Is it hot in here, or are we just getting a little flustered looking at these photos of Prince Harry? Even when he's sporting casual attire, it's undeniable that Harry's got it going on. To prove that nobody rocks a pair of jeans and a polo quite like this roguishly handsome prince, we've put together some choice photos of Harry in casual clothing. And just remember, if you swoon, it may or may not be our fault!

Since he lives the life of a royal, Prince Harry must reach for his suit and tie all too often. But we are most grateful for those moments when he can opt for something a little bit more casual. Sure, we love seeing him all dolled up for an event, but it's also nice to see that he can also stay grounded and dress like... well, the rest of us. 

Just because Harry now belongs to the lovely Meghan Markle doesn't mean we can't still appreciate his best casual moments. And frankly, no one can rock a low-key button down and jeans like he can. 

We rarely condone objectifying someone for their looks, but in this case, we give you our full approval. It's not our fault that Harry is just so darn cute! Keep reading for 19 times Prince Harry dressed down and got our pulses racing.

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