Kim Kardashian Is Totally Over the Size of Her Famous Butt

kim kardashian

Say it isn't so! According to a disturbing new report, Kim Kardashian is thinking of getting rid of her famous derriere! Apparently, the mom of two wants to slim down and thinks her butt needs to go with the rest of her unwanted weight. What's next, Kylie Jenner is suddenly going to be into the thin-lipped look?! Who can even think straight after hearing news like this?!


While attending the Vogue Festival in London over the weekend, Kim informed a crowd of people, "I want to lose my bum. Not all the way, but it’s weird how your body changes with different babies." Kim apparently has a plan in mind, saying that she wants to get back to "2010-2011 Kim" and she's working really hard to get there. 

Here's Kim in 2010, for those of you who need your memory jogged. Pretty thin. 

kim kardashian

Kim has been looking incredible lately, but according to Radar Online, her friends and family think she's developed an unhealthy obsession with losing weight and are starting to get concerned for her health. While Kim definitely talks and seems to think about her weight pretty often, she certainly doesn't look "unhealthy" these days. She looks just as curvy and gorgeous as ever. 

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It's hard to imagine Kim without her famous, trend-setting butt, but hey, she's nothing if not ever-evolving. If Kim's new thing is being slim and toned, no doubt, in the upcoming months, she'll be slim and toned. She's nothing if not a woman who gets what she wants. 

Let's all hope Kim doesn't go too crazy with the shrinking of her backside, though. Not only is it a science-defying work of art, it -- quite literally -- is her money-maker.  

kim kardashian

Images via Simon Earl/Splash News; Splash News

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