Ashley Graham as Joe Jonas's Music Video Love Interest Is a Win for Everyone

Joe Jonas put Ashley Graham in videoIf you're sick of watching music videos starring models who don't look a bit like anyone you know, prepare to rejoice at this casting choice: Joe Jonas has featured plus-sized model Ashley Graham as his love interest in his band DNCE's new single, "Toothbrush."


The size-16 stunner, who has had a groundbreaking year, looks like she had a lot of fun rolling around with this middle Jonas brother.

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Of course, Graham had to be pretty comfortable hanging out in her underwear considering she made history while posing in a skimpy bikini for Sports Illustrated's 2016 Swimsuit Issue cover. But beyond having a good time, the model -- who rocked Paris runways earlier this year -- realizes the potential impact of placing her in Jonas's bed. She told the Huffington Post:

... I applaud DNCE for thinking outside the box with their casting. It’s important that every industry, not just fashion, celebrate diversity.

Amen! It's nice to watch a video and not see a stick-thin figure with enormous fake boobs and a gorgeous mane of hair you know can't possibly be her own in the girlfriend role.

It's disheartening to check out a video and think, "I could only look like her if I stopped eating for six weeks or had major surgery."

Good for Joe for making this awesome selection. Though, it certainly doesn't sound like it was a tough choice for the 26-year-old. He told E! News, rolling around in bed with Graham was "a man's dream come true."

Nice work if you can get it, right, Joe? Well, we hope more musicians take note!


Images via DNCEVEVO/YouTube

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