Kate Middleton Is Rumored to Be Crushing on an Olympic Sailor

Kate Middleton There's nothing like fresh air, blue skies, and a day on the water to make you feel alive -- and perhaps a bit romantic. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge isn't immune to the charms of the sea. Reportedly, Kate Middleton was flirting with Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie during a training session. Uh-oh!


We know the mom of two is pretty athletic, so it would be only natural that she'd be drawn to this captivating seaman. Still, Gossip Cop was quick to contradict reports that Kate was smitten with the married man and perhaps trying to make Prince William a bit jealous.

Kate Middleton

Who wouldn't accept help with the chin-strap from this dashing fellow?

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Hmmm ... they are sitting close together and Kate does look particularly pleased, doesn't she?

Ben Ainslie Kate Middleton

Kate definitely seems above all this, and when photographed, she always looks thrilled with whomever she's with (it's practically part of her job description), so this sailing expedition was probably just a fun and friendly outing. But, Kate's only human and Ainslie does look particularly handsome and commanding, doesn't he?

Something tells us Kate was just being her charming self and all is well with the royal couple. But if she starts ditching her engagements to hit the high seas, we'll have to wonder if there's more to this speculation after all!

Images via James Whatling/SplashNews

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