Kim Kardashian Snapchats Private Moment in Bed With Kanye West

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When you can't snap, sleep. In what's definitely one of her most intimate Snapchats, Kim Kardashian posted a few videos of her and Kanye in bed on Saturday. Is it weird? Yes. Fascinating? Of course. 


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was wide awake at 4 a.m. due to a massive case of jet lag. At the time, Kim and Kanye were in London and the time change evidently messed Kim up big-time. However, instead of turning on the telly and watching Sky News or reading a book like most, Kim decided to document her insomnia, waking her husband in the process. And strange as the videos are, they're actually kind of cute. 

It's rare that we get to catch a glimpse of Kim and Kanye being a regular ol' couple, hanging out in bed. On the red carpet, they're Mr. and Mrs. Pouty Pants. It's nice to see that their public selves are just a persona and that deep down they're just like us. (Not really, but sort of.)

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Hopefully, Kim was able to eventually get some rest, and serious respect to Kanye for being such a good sport about being filmed at four in the morning. Not many spouses would be so cool. And pro tip, Kim: The next time you can't get to sleep, try getting out of bed and reading a mag or something. It's seriously bad feng shui to work where you sleep. Just a suggestion. 


Image via Neil Warner/TGB/Splash News

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