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15 Celebrities Who Were Kicked Out of School

It's true that one doesn't necessarily have to excel in school to do well in the real world—the proof for that lies in the bevy of successful actors and musicians who didn't yet still went on to enjoy massive success. However, not all stars who left school did so by their own free will—some were actually expelled!

It's one thing to drop out on your own, and quite another to be asked to leave. Check out which 15 celebrities were kicked out of school.


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Image via KCS Presse / Splash News

1Salma Hayek

It turns out this actress was quite the class clown. Salma Hayek was expelled from her Catholic boarding school for playing pranks on the nuns. Eventually, she studied at the College of Mexico City, but left to pursue her acting career.

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2Boy George

This English pop star hated school because he didn't fit in, so once Boy George was expelled for not doing work, he rejoiced. "School is a scary place for kids," he told NPR.

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3Amy Winehouse

This talented songstress dropped out of school altogether when she was 14, but it wasn't for anything exceedingly scandalous. Amy Winehouse was expelled from the Sylvia Young Theater School for getting her nose pierced against school rules and for "general slackertude."

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5Charlie Sheen

It seems this Two and a Half Men star didn't prioritize academics. Charlie Sheen was expelled from Santa Monica High School just a few weeks before his graduation, but later that year he made his first big film debut in 1984's Red Dawn.

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6Robert Pattinson

This Twilight heartthrob might have played the ideal student as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, but his school experience was quite different. Robert Pattinson was expelled when he was 12 because he didn't do his homework.

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7Owen Wilson

This actor may have eventually attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he met longtime collaborator Wes Anderson, but before that, Owen Wilson was expelled from high school for cheating on a geometry test. He finished school at a military academy.

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850 Cent

This rapper also turned his life around after being kicked out of school for selling drugs. Although 50 Cent was expelled and arrested, he used music as a way to build his success, and used his fame to encourage others to stay in school.

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9Elizabeth Hurley

This British actress was majorly into the punk scene as a teenager, so perhaps it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that Elizabeth Hurley was expelled from high school for her lack of attendance and low grades.

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10Harrison Ford

Imagine being just three days away from graduation, and then you find out you've failed a class—so you get kicked out of school. That's what happened to this Star Wars actor. Harrison Ford was expelled, but he still found immeasurable success in his career.

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11Willem Dafoe

This Spider-Man actor may have been kicked out of school for the most surprising reason of all — Willem Dafoe was expelled from his Wisconsin high school for making a pornographic film.

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12Lily Allen

This singer's bawdy lyrics may make her beloved by fans, but her risqué acts got her kicked out of high school. Lily Allen was expelled from school for performing lewd acts. She admitted in an interview that she was "doing things that I shouldn't have been doing with boys that I shouldn't have been doing at that young age. Smoking cigarettes, drinking."

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13Kevin Spacey

This House of Cards actor may have gone to military school, but that doesn't mean his behavior was always up to snuff. Kevin Spacey was expelled for throwing a tire at another student, and after that he poured his energy into acting instead, eventually (briefly) enrolling in Juilliard.

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14Samuel L. Jackson

This Pulp Fiction actor got kicked out of school for standing up for what he believes in. Samuel L. Jackson was expelled from Morehouse College for his involvement in a student protest against the school's board of trustees during the Civil Rights Movement.

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