19 Reasons Prince Charles Is a Wonderful Grandfather to George & Charlotte

Prince Charles

Okay, we know what our readers are thinking. Prince Charles, good with kids? No way. I mean, Charles is the same guy who got such a bad rap when he was the icy husband to the people's princess, Diana. But as it turns out, Charles is totally cool when it comes to being a grandpa. He adores Charlotte and George, and he's not afraid to show it. And while he may not have been all that as a dad, let's hear a hearty cheer for second chances. 


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The men of the royal family have always had a very tenuous relationship. Since Diana's death, more and more information has been leaked that seems to imply that when it came to fatherly duties, Prince Charles simply wasn't there for poor William and Harry. Though, there might be a silver lining to this rain cloud after all. Now that William and Kate have started to procreate their own royal brood, it seems like this royal granddaddy has finally gotten it right, as far as parental involvement goes. He may never be the perfect parent or grandparent, but time really does seem to have changed Charles, and he is very devoted to his two grandchildren. We found some photographic evidence that Charles has changed his ways and is truly a G.O.A.T. of a grandpa (that's Greatest Of All Time). Take a look!

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