Kim Kardashian Takes Multiple Pregnancy Tests via Snapchat

kim kardashian

What the what?! Concerned that there might be a third baby West on the way, Kim Kardashian recently had a bit of a freak-out and took not one, not two, but six pregnancy tests while on a plane recently. Being the open book that she is, Kim shared the pregnancy test results on Snapchat, because, you know, that's what you do when you're Kim K. 


To be honest, the whole thing is a little strange, as who the heck shares a pregnancy scare while it's happening? But hey, live and let live, right? Kim shared with her fans that she was having a "panic attack" on a plane because she thought she might be pregnant again. "I’m legit in the airplane bathroom taking a pregnancy test because I’m having a little bit of a scare, so no big deal," Kim told her followers. What if it turned out that she was pregnant?! She'd be revealing things so early!

Here are some of the pics she posted:

kim kardashian

kim kardashian

kim kardashian


No more Kimye babies... for now. 

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Kim has expressed on numerous occasions that she doesn't want to have more children, but her husband, on the other hand, wouldn't hate it if the pair had just one more. While on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday, Kanye coyly replied, "Let's see what happens" when the talk show host asked him if he wanted to add to their brood. Maybe Kim was sending Kanye a message here, letting him know that she's done. 

No doubt, Kim is super relieved right now that she's not pregnant again -- just six months after having her son. But never say never when it comes to more kids, Kim. Don't forget: There was a time when you thought North would be your only child. 


Images via Fern/Splash News; kimkardashian/Snapchat

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