16 Pics That Show How Close Prince William & Prince Harry Are With Their Dad

Amy Goldman | May 23, 2016 Celebrities

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As far as famous families go, there aren't many who are more closely knit than the British royals. This is especially true of Prince Charles, William, and Harry, a father-son trio who have supported each other through the worst of times and the happiest. Sure, Charles gets a lot of flak from some of the royal family's fans, but with two sons who are so widely adored by the public -- and who make time for advocacy and charity -- it's clear that he did something right. We've rounded up some photos of William and Harry spending quality time with their dear old dad. Flipping through these photos, we detect that "proud dad" look in Charles's eyes as he gazes at his boys. 

It's clear he's their biggest fan -- cheering them on in sports and acting like a super involved grandpa. These guys seem to have plenty of laughs and fun times together, and also some tender, touching moments, too. Sometimes these royals seem a bit awkward around each other (can anyone blame them? Everyone's watching!), but deep down, there seems to be a deep father-son love shared between them.

Read on for 16 pictures that show how close William and Harry are with Charles. Our favorite might be the one where they're channeling their inner Top Gun pilots!

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