Penelope Disick 'Rapping' to Rihanna Will Make Your Day

penelope disick

Cuteness overload ahead! During a car ride recently, Khloe Kardashian managed to catch niece Penelope Disick singing along to Rihanna and Jay Z, and naturally, she filmed the whole thing and put it on Snapchat. Little Penelope may not know all the words to the songs, but what she lacks in knowledge she makes up for in hilarious and adorable expressions. You need to see this. 


With a Coachella-style crown on her head, the sweet little tot lip-synchs to the tunes with everything she's got. Out of control cute. Check it out:

LOL. Clearly, Penelope doesn't know all the words, but who cares?! The adorableness is real. Here's another:

Amazing. And clearly Penelope is more of a Rihanna fan than a Jay Z one. Soz, Hova.

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You gotta love it when Khloe posts photos and videos of her nieces and nephews. They're always so sweet and it shows how much fun the kids are always having. Of course, Kim and Kourtney posts cute pics of their kiddos, but Aunto Koko seems to always capture the best moments. 

Nice job, Penelope! You might have a future on your hands as a professional singer! Or, you know, lip-syncher. Either way you'll be awesome. 


Image via Splash News

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