Kim Kardashian's Rapid Weight Loss Is Raising All Sorts of Questions

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Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. Kim Kardashian stepped out looking slimmer than ever recently, and of course, instead of simply saying, "Hey, Kim looks like she's been working out!", the rumor mill has churned up a story saying Kim's new figure is compliments of a plastic surgeon. 


Radar Online is reporting that after Kim strutted her stuff in a skin tight Vivienne Westwood dress for the Webby Awards, her sisters "aren't buying" that Kim's hot bod is all thanks to Atkins, sweat, and tears. Apparently, they're under the assumption that Kim got liposuction to "fix" her post-baby trouble spots. Seriously?

Vivenne Westwood for the Webby's

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While Kim looks absolutely stunning here and her bod is en fuego, does it really look like her figure has changed that much? In this photo, Kim looks just as sexy and curvy as she always does, maybe a few pounds trimmer. Not sure who would think "liposuction" after seeing her. (No offense.)

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Recently, Kim revealed that she's finally back to her ideal weight, so clearly she's feeling confident and sexy -- of course, she's going to wear skintight clothes and show off her body more. Who wouldn't? Also, if Kim was going to take the liposuction route to get back in shape, why would she wait this long?

While it's unlikely that Kim is completely transparent when it comes to going under the knife, this liposuction rumor is hard to believe. Stepping out with a new nose and cheekbones is one thing, but shedding a few pounds? Does that really have to be the work of a Beverly Hills doc?

Looking good, Kim. Keep doing whatever you're doing and ignore the haters. 

kim kardashian


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