25 Reasons Carole Middleton Is the Coolest Grandmother Around

Meredith Gordon | May 25, 2016 Celebrities

Michael and Carole Middleton
Neil Warner/Splash News

Kate Middleton really does have it all! The Duchess of Cambridge is gorgeous, with legs for days. And let's not forget her seemingly endless wardrobe. But one more thing that makes Kate a really lucky woman is her super cool mom, Carole. Carole isn't just a doting mom, she's an involved and enthusiastic grandma who will do anything for her grandchildren. 

Of course, we don't hear about Carole's involvement in their lives as much as we'd like to, mainly because Kate marrying into the royal family kind of cast a shadow on her own parents, which is understandable. Who wants to read an article about Carole baking cookies with Princess Charlotte and Prince George, when there are all those photos out there of them hanging out on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with their gan-gan, Queen Elizabeth? (Photo op of the year! Just sayin'.)

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But from what we can see, Carole is the ultimate grandmother. In fact, sometimes it seems like Kate and Prince William would rather spend time with Kate's family than the royal family! (And we think that has a lot to do with Carole.) OK, so that might be taking things a little too far -- but Carole most definitely deserves her fair share of the praise and compliments. On that note, here are 25 reasons why she's the best grandmum around. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are more lucky than they know. 

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