Blac Chyna Flips Out After Haters Call Her Pregnant Body 'Gross'

blac chyna

After photos of Blac Chyna's baby bump surfaced recently, the Internet, not surprisingly, felt the need to criticize the mom-to-be. Next to a photo of an unmade-up Chyna on a celebrity Instagram page, super awesome people called the future Mrs. Kardashian everything from "gross" to "disgusting." But Blac Chyna isn't letting them off the hook. The mom of one jumped right into the comments section and read all the haters the riot act. 


No doubt making the haters feel like morons, Chyna wrote:

To all you people out there with negative comments and insecure words (obviously because you have nothing else to do but criticize the next), I AM HAVING A BABY! Exactly what do you expect to see?! If I walked out in makeup and heels everyday to be beautiful to your means I WOULD BE MISERABLE AND UNHAPPY which are two vibes I refuse to transfer to my little one. If I comment on ya'll pics and go in on them tired ass weaves or unblended contours i'll be wrong, right? It'll be tragic! So stop playing and Put Some Respeck on My Name."

Word. Here's the photo:


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Aside from the fact that Chyna looks good here, it's definitely worth noting that it takes a special someone to tell a pregnant woman that she looks "disgusting." Who the hell does that?

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Good for Chyna for standing up for herself and calling everyone out on their completely ignorant, just plain rude comments. Maybe now they'll think before writing nasty things next to a celebrity's photo, because clearly, they may be reading it -- and they may fire back. 

Congrats to Chyna and Rob. Here's to health, happiness, and a significant reduction in ridiculous Internet trolls in the upcoming months. We're rooting for you, guys ... but not holding our breath. 


Image via Michele Eve/Splash News

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