Prince William Has a Clever Trick to Calm Down a Crying Baby

prince william

What's that, you say? You didn't think Prince William could get any more adorable? Here, let him prove you wrong. During the launch of his new mental health charity, Heads Together, Prince William revealed his trick for soothing a crying baby. Apparently, it was the father of two's go-to any time his eldest, Prince George, was crying ... which sounds like it was often. Good thinking, Dad!


The duke said that whenever he couldn't get Prince George to stop crying, he'd turn on the faucet and the noise of running water would instantly soothe his baby. Pretty clever! It's been noted time and time again how much newborns love loud, constant sounds -- ones that replicate the noise of the womb -- so, this certainly was a smart idea. It's also a lot less grating than a vacuum or a hair dryer, which are the go-tos for some new parents. 

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At the event, the prince also was asked to write down something that made him happy and he sweetly revealed, "My children." Prince Harry shared that "making people smile" did the trick for him, while Kate Middleton said that "a walk" always lifts her spirits. 

As far as royal dads go, Prince William is as hands-on as it gets. He's always more than happy to talk about his children and, as we all know, both he and the duchess have often shunned the traditional childcare many royal families receive, instead opting to do as much as possible themselves. The duke is head-over-heels for his family, and it only makes him more relatable, as well as likable. 

So, no. He can't possibly get more adorable. Or can he ... ?

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