Only Death Will Stop Kim Kardashian From Posting Naked Selfies

kim kardashian

Sticking to her guns! On Monday, Kim Kardashian accepted her Break the Internet Webby award for her "bold and creative" ways of using social media. Instead of a traditional acceptance speech, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was relegated to a five-word speech. And in those little five words, Kim managed to sum up her life and make a promise to the world perfectly. 


After texting her "funny" friends like Chrissy Teigen and FaceTiming with Ellen DeGeneres to get some input on her speech (for a segment on Ellen's show), Kim settled on the following: "Nude selfies until I die." Boom! Couldn't get much better or succinct than that. Ellen had suggested "You're welcome for naked selfies" -- as well as "Thank you Ellen Lee DeGeneres" -- but Kim definitely came up with the perfect rendition. 

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While it's highly unlikely that Kim will be posting photos of herself where she's starkers late into her 80s, let's not put it past the mom of two to keep on keeping on with her social media and selfie game long beyond anyone would think. And somehow, someway, she'll manage to stay relevant. 

Kim Kardashian often finds herself as the butt of many a joke, but clearly she's the one getting the last laugh. Not only is she balls to the wall rich and being (prodigiously) awarded for her work -- if you will -- on social media, but clearly the reality show star is also in on the joke of her fame. And that's a lot more than you can say about other people who are (close to being) in her position. 

Slay, Kim. 

kim kardashian



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