15 Pictures That Prove Prince Harry & William Are Best Buds

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Prince William Prince Harry
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In the era of the combative Kardashians and Real Housewives, it's a breath of fresh air to see siblings who support each other like Prince William and Prince Harry do. These royal brothers demonstrate time and time again that they're the best of friends. Rather than tearing each other down with backhanded snark like some infamous families we can think of, Harry and Will always have each other's backs.


This is one famous relationship where we are sure there is little to no drama -- and with royals, that's tough to accomplish. These brothers have been through a lot together but have always showed their unwavering support. And not only are the two siblings close, but Prince Harry and Kate Middleton also have an enviable relationship. 

Growing up together, these two have sure had a lot of fun being the royal brothers, and now that they have both settled down and married, not much has changed. It's still easy to see their carefree natures when they go out and do their public events -- like they never stopped being young boys!

We're not gonna lie, we love seeing photos of these two brothers, and we know you will too. So enjoy these 15 moments that prove Prince Harry & William are best buds!

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