Tyga May Have Already Found a Kylie Jenner Replacement -- That Was Fast

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Many of us saw the breakup of Tyga and Kylie Jenner coming, mainly because they apparently are constantly breaking up and getting back together, but something happened that is making us believe that this time it's really over. Tyga attended the Beyonce concert with Karlie Redd, star of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.


I am not one to relish in other people's breakups, but I am a bit glad to hear this. Kylie and Tyga were a cute couple and all, but something didn't feel everlasting to me. Perhaps it's because Kylie is only 18 years old. Sure, Tyga's only 26 ... but I think he's lived a bit more than our teenaged Kardashian little sis.

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Tyga was checking out the Beyonce concert with the beautiful Karlie Redd (how many times do you think he accidentally called her Kylie?!). The age on Redd isn't clear, but she does have an adult daughter who is said to be in her 20s. 

Also at that Bey concert was Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, though they did not mingle with Tyga and Karlie. The sighting of Tyga with this other "K"-named lady had people freaking out, of course. Did he move on? Is this his new lady? What in the world?!

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Tyga heard the chatter loud and clear and seemed to have responded to it via Twitter with "Stop. Not w her." But what exactly does he mean?! Is he saying he's not with Kylie so he could be with whoever he wants? Or is he saying he's not with Karlie?

Even if he's not "with" Karlie, it must sting a little for Kylie to know this detail. No one wants to see their ex-man with another lady even if they claim to be just friends ... or maybe Kylie's thinking good riddance. Kind of hope so.


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