20 Reasons Queen Elizabeth Is a Pretty Hip Grandmother

Meredith Gordon | May 24, 2016 Celebrities
20 Reasons Queen Elizabeth Is a Pretty Hip Grandmother
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Queen Elizabeth is known for her frosty demeanor. But we can think of a few good reasons why she'd definitely make a good great-grandmother. I mean, what can be better than a woman who has a swarm of corgis following her? We'd love anyone who has that deep of a connection to animals! And let's face it, for George and Charlotte, having the Queen of England as a great-grandmum is nothing short of cool. 

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There are so many perks of having the queen mum as part of the family, and we're sure she gives in to her grand-kiddies when our prying eyes aren't looking. 

Birthday parties at the castle? Why not. Celebrity BFFs? Totally an option. Christmas at the castle? Sounds good to us! Making an adorable video with Prince Harry for the Invictus Games? Oh, yeah! The Queen Mum is (secretly) down to party!  

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(Not to mention, the queen still loves riding horses and getting behind the wheel even in her 90s -- talk about a badass grandma.)

In fact, when the queen is grandma or great-grandma, life is pretty sweet! Just ask William, Harry, George, and Charlotte.


  • Stamp It


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    A photo shoot with the queen means George's picture will be on a stamp. How cool is that?

  • Best Seats in the House


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    When it comes to viewing royal parades and events, George gets the best view from his room at Great-Grandmum's house.

  • Besties


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    Queen Elizabeth isn't afraid to be upstaged by a toddler.

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  • Doting Great-Grandmum


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    Only Princess Charlotte could get a smile out of the queen.

  • Kiss the Ring


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    Queen Elizabeth may run England, but clearly George runs the family.

  • Horsing Around


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    The queen is a serious horse lover, which means George and Charlotte get to play horse at her house. Fun!

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  • Strong Genes

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    The queen is in her 90s, which boasts some serious longevity. That bodes well for George and Charlotte.

  • VIP


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    The perks of having Elizabeth as a great-grandmum -- you get to be a VIP just because she is.

  • Big Shoes to Fill


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    The queen supports some seriously amazing charities and is surely an inspiration to the younger generations of the family.

  • Royal Christmas

    queen elizabeth christmas address
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    Christmas doesn't get any better than having it at the palace.

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  • 14-Karat


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    If the queen is willing to loan Charlotte as much jewelry as she loans to Kate, Charlotte is in for a lifetime of the most amazing hardware in England.

  • Reign Delay


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    The queen is officially the longest-ruling monarch in British history. Her great-grandkids really get to know her as a result. Lucky kids!

  • Queen Bee


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    The queen is known to be fiercely protective of the monarchy, anticipating the time George eventually becomes king.

  • The Big Cheese

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    With Great-Grandmum being the leader of the British army, George and Charlotte will surely see some serious perks, like a ride in a tank or shooting lesson.

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  • The Queen of Sarcasm


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    The year 1992 will be remembered as the year Diana and Charles's marriage was revealed as irreparable, and the year Princess Anne's marriage fell apart. It is also the year the queen revealed her gift for sarcasm, referring to 1992 as "annus horribilis." A horrible year. It's always nice to know Grandma has a sense of humor.

  • Good Impression


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    In private, the queen is known as a gifted impressionist and mimic. You think she does a Peppa Pig impersonation just to impress the kids?

  • Nice Pipes

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    Every day, the queen is woken up by her own personal bagpipe player, making sleepovers at the palace super cool.

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  • A Thing for Cars


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    The queen is not only a car aficionado, but she also knows how to repair them. Think of all the fun George and Charlotte will have with her playing cars.

  • Going to the Dogs


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    The queen adores her beloved corgis and has passed the tradition of owning dogs down to her grandchildren. Naturally, George and Charlotte get the benefit of growing up in a house full of adorable pups.

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  • Spare Room


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    The queen's house has 775 rooms, ensuring George and Charlotte are always invited over for a sleepover. 

  • Ridin' the Rails

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    Even though she's the Queen of England, she's not too cool to take public transportation. That sets a good example for the younger royal folk.

  • She's a Boss


    Nothing quite screams "hip grandma" like a woman in her 90s driving a Jaguar. Get it, Queen E.

  • She Skypes

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    Forget phone calls or texts. Queen Elizabeth Skypes with her grandkids when she can't see them face-to-face.

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  • She's a Pro

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    She may love her grandkids, but she's no pushover. And she can even handle kids she's not related to. Remember that one time Queen E was met by a crankly toddler, and handled him like a boss? Total pro.

  • She Rides Horses Too

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    Yep. At over 90, the Queen still rides horses. What grandchild wouldn't love that?

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