20 Reasons Queen Elizabeth Is a Pretty Hip Grandmother

Meredith Gordon | May 24, 2016 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

Splash News

Queen Elizabeth is known for her frosty demeanor. But we can think of a few good reasons why she'd definitely make a good great-grandmother. I mean, what can be better than a woman who has a swarm of corgis following her? We'd love anyone who has that deep of a connection to animals! And let's face it, for George and Charlotte, having the Queen of England as a great-grandmum is nothing short of cool. 

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There are so many perks of having the queen mum as part of the family, and we're sure she gives in to her grand-kiddies when our prying eyes aren't looking. 

Birthday parties at the castle? Why not. Celebrity BFFs? Totally an option. Christmas at the castle? Sounds good to us! Making an adorable video with Prince Harry for the Invictus Games? Oh, yeah! The Queen Mum is (secretly) down to party!  

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(Not to mention, the queen still loves riding horses and getting behind the wheel even in her 90s -- talk about a badass grandma.)

In fact, when the queen is grandma or great-grandma, life is pretty sweet! Just ask William, Harry, George, and Charlotte.


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