Josh Duggar's Attitude During Recent Family Outing Will Have You Asking #WhySoSerious

Josh and Anna Duggar

Things looked a little ... awkward during a Duggar Mother's Day outing. Who knows what the heck was going on, if the group got bad food, or what. One thing, however, looks quite certain: Josh Duggar looked so unhappy with his family that it makes you wonder what in the world happened.


"Only Josh seemed not to be having a good time," a source told In Touch.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, yeah, Josh Duggar looks pretty miserable during a Mother's Day outing with his family in Florida. (Both Anna and Michelle Duggar were present.)

(Sorry the pic is grainy; y'all know those camera phones aren't always reliable.)

The same source also adds:

But while everyone was clearly at ease, Josh kept that phone up to his ear. He definitely did not seem to be having fun.

The other diners in the restaurant seemed perfectly happy the Duggars had been there, but despite the friendly crowd, it seemed like Josh was the gloomiest guy there.

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Honestly, it looks like Josh was pissed at the fact that people were staring at him. One would have to assume he is already walking on pins and needles with his family -- and knows he's not in good graces with the public. Seeing as everyone else around him appears to be pretty happy, maybe Josh Duggar just wasn't feeling the eyes on him?

Who. The. Heck. Knows.



Image via Duggar Family Offical/Facebook

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