Prince George's Favorite Children's Book Is Probably One Your Kid Already Loves

prince george william kateOne would imagine that the favorite fairy tales of a certain Prince George might be some royal book that no child but an heir would have heard. But as it turns out, Prince George and Princess Charlotte fancy a sweet little tale that is probably your kid's favorite bedtime book, too.


While visiting Weston Library and speaking to kids from Pegasus Primary School, the Prince William revealed to the students that his two little ones have a favorite book they love to hear Mommy and Daddy read. It's The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. 

I personally cannot look at the title without thinking of Mark Ruffalo, one of my favorite actors, but that's just me. I do, however, look at this book a lot because my kids LOVE it. And, like William, I like to read it as well. It's a good one! Just like Mark Ruffalo! (No relation.)

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It tells the tale of a mouse who is a bit scared in the woods because he thinks everyone wants to eat him. And they really do! He sees a fox, an owl, and a snake and they each invite him to dinner with the intent of making him the dinner. The clever mouse tells them all that he has plans with a gruffalo, the most terrifying animal in all the wood. He describes the creature in scary detail and he thinks he's making it all up just to deter these other predators. And then ... the gruffalo appears just as he described. Don't worry, no one gets eaten. And there are rhymes along the way! And a lesson! Though for some reason my daughter is a bit scared of this tome, my son loves it. I might need to tone down my theatrics while reading.

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To think that Prince William and Kate Middleton and I are reading the same words to our sweet little princes and princesses is just darling. I'm of course doing it without actual royalty status. Just a plastic tiara.


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