14 Times Kate Middleton Showed Her Love of Sports

Amy Goldman | May 16, 2016 Celebrities

Kate Middleton Prince WilliamIf Kate Middleton were a Spice Girl, she'd undoubtedly be Sporty Spice. Sure, Kate has Posh's style, Baby's likeability, and Ginger's sass, but she's stunningly athletic and a true sports lover at heart. This is one royal who can scrimmage with the best of them. 

Whether she's participating in a volleyball match or watching tennis from the stands, Kate's athletic inclinations are undeniable. Keep reading for 14 times Kate Middleton showed her love of sports.


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  • She Volunteers as Tribute


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    Kate demonstrated her archery skills while visiting Thimphu with Will. We wouldn't want to compete against her in a post-apocalyptic fight to the death.

  • Kate Bends It Like Beckham


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    The sporty royal dabbled in some football during the first day of her tour of India and Bhoutan. Is there any sport Kate can't look stylish while playing? We think not.

  • Game, Set, Match


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    Kate closely studied a tennis racket with a fellow athlete when she visited a coaching workshop in Edinburgh. 

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  • Go, Team!


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    While it's tempting to focus on that stylish blue coat, we'd like to point out how pleased Kate looks to be attending an athletic event. You can't feign that kind of enthusiasm when watching sports with your significant other -- trust us, we've tried.

  • Spider-Girl


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    Are we sure Kate isn't part of the extended Marvel universe? Judging by the way she scaled rock walls during an outdoorsy date with Will last year, we wouldn't be surprised if she moonlights as a certain web-slinging heroine. 

  • And the Crowd Goes Wild


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    Kate couldn't take her eyes off of the field during a heated match between England and Wales at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. At least no one can accuse her of being a fair-weather fan.

  • On the Edge of Her Seat


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    We can practically feel the tension through our screens when we look at this picture of Kate at a rugby match. Only a true sports fan could look this involved in a game between Australia and Wales.

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  • The Sporting Life


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    Who says watching sports can't be glamorous? Kate always looks as stylish as she is excited to be watching the pros from the stands. She basically looked like a movie star at Wimbledon last year.

  • It's a Family Thing


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    It looks like a love of sports runs in the family. Kate brought George to a charity polo match where they supported William from the sidelines.

  • Space Jam 2


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    We're excited to see LeBron in the Space Jam sequel, but we're a little disappointed that Kate won't be his costar. Just look how well these two get along! 

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  • Are You Being Served?


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    Kate demonstrated her volleyball prowess during a SportsAid workshop. If our calculations are correct, she's good at about 500 different sports.

  • Hi-Ya!


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    Much like Miss Piggy, Kate excels at hitting things very hard. Unlike Miss Piggy, though, Kate saves her aggression for the field. 

  • Race You There


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    If we didn't love her so much, we might start to suspect that Kate's a little bit of a show-off. Here she celebrates with Wills after her excellent performance in a dragon boat race.

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  • The Snow Queen


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    Kate proved she was willing to brave the elements in order to go skiing during a holiday she took with William in Switzerland. Kate is kind of like the US Postal Service -- neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep her from being extra sporty.

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