Prince George's Nickname for Queen Elizabeth Has a Secret Meaning

Just in case you didn't think Prince George's nickname for Queen Elizabeth was cute enough, hold on to your Kate Middleton–inspired fascinator, because it's about to get even more adorable. Little George's nickname of Gan-Gan for his great-grandmother is apparently all in the family.


In the BBC special, Our Queen at 90, Kate Middleton revealed that her toddler son's nickname for his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth was Gan-Gan, and the Internet (accordingly) went nuts. Come on, it's beyond cute, isn't it?

It turns out that Georgie isn't the only tiny royal to have referred to a grandparent in such a fashion. In fact, it's almost tradition among the British monarchy!

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Even Prince Charles referred to Queen Mary, his great-grandmother, as Gan-Gan. Princes Will and Harry followed the lead by referring to the Queen Mother as Gan-Gan until her death in 2002.

The only thing we love more than Prince George's loving moniker for his great-grandmother is the fact that it's steeped in history.


Image via Splash News

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