Duggar Insider Shares Details of Josh's Return From Rehab

It's been a few months since Josh Duggar has returned from rehab to his family, and ever since, the elephant in the room has loomed. How are things going, and how has life been for his family since he got back?


So sorry that not so many people necessarily care about how Josh himself is doing, but that's the nature of what he did. When you cheat on your gorgeous wife and four beautiful kids while being employed as a family values spokesman, these things happen.

Anyway ... Josh spent about six months in rehab for his alleged sex addiction, and Anna (God bless her -- seriously) had his back the entire time. She only got to visit him a handful of times, but only with baby Meredith -- the older three kids had to stay home.

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Given how much these sweet little ones probably missed their dad, it's not surprising to hear that they couldn't get enough of him at a recent family-friendly gathering.

According to the Duggar family's official blog, the entire crew was on hand in Tennessee last weekend to attend Trace and Carlin Bates's graduation party -- including Josh. The family wrote that one of their loyal readers also attended the event, and shared the following:

I did get a chance to talk to Josh and Anna -- Josh looks really good, he has dropped a LOT of weight. Josh introduced me to his family. It was obvious the kids were thrilled to have Dad back. He was in good spirits and was surprised I talked to him -- they said most people had been avoiding them.

It's hard to say what's in the future for Josh and his family, but we can't help but feel for those little ones just happy to have their dad back.


Image via TLC

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