23 Throwback Pics That Show Beyonce's Rise From Teen to Style Queen

Anne Meadows | May 24, 2016 Celebrities

No one can deny that Queen Bey knows how to slay. Hell, we didn't commonly use the word "slay" to describe someone stylishly achieving success before Beyonce even came along.

But, while she is undeniably a Queen now, there once was a time when Beyonce was ... a little more like us common people. She had some fashion missteps, you might say ... some growing pains of a young woman adjusting to life in the spotlight while searching for her signature look. Of course, those growing pains make us love her even more. Seriously, we even wanted to be her as she was navigating through her early stages of success.

Over the years, Bey has rocked the gamut of hairstyles, makeup trends, and fashion stunners. Here's a look back at her evolving style, from her early days as a pop singer with Destiny's Child up to the glorious diva we all know now. 


Image via iStock.com/Steve Finn

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